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Fiberform 62T 2SL

Fiberform 62T 2SL is an innovative material that is a mat of 100% recycled and thermobonded PET polyester fibres without the addition of glues or chemical binders.
The product is non-toxic and does not dust even when subjected to prolonged mechanical stress. Therefore, it doesn’t disperse pollutants or particles or fibrils potentially harmful to humans into the environment. It is odourless.
It does not rot and is resistant to microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and insects, salts and hydrocarbons.

The total absence of additives or binders of a non-polyester nature makes it 100% recyclable.

Upon request, it can be supplied with a self-adhesive surface that facilitates its application to various surfaces.



100% polyester staple fiber (fiber from PET recycling + thermobnding fiber)



Due to its characteristics it is used in the field of thermal insulation and acoustic absorption.

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