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Poron® 92 SRVS

Poron® 92 SRVS is a special PU cushioning material with an open cell structure produced by ROGER CORPORATION®.
The ideal anti-shock throughout the life of the shoe.

PORON® 92 SRVS polyurethane foam offers excellent protection for low-energy impacts. Extra soft and with a slow rebound, the material is conformable but always returns to its original shape when not pressed, enabling long-term performance.

It has remarkable softness, elasticity and breathability characteristics and is available in different densities.



Thickness between 0.53 and 12.7 mm
Density from 144 to 480 kg/m³

When not under pressure, it continues to return to its original shape.
Allows unique and customised shaping.
Controlled energy return.
Excellent impact absorption.
Conformable and breathable open cell material
Antifungal and antibacterial



An extremely lightweight yet durable material that provides great comfort, PORON® 92 is ideal for use in tongue, collar and ankle or glove pads.

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