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Expanded polyurethane, more commonly known as foam rubber, is a polymer with an extremely versatile open cell structure whose main qualities are lightness and resistance to crushing.

It is obtained through a chemical reaction of molecules composed of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon.

The production of foam rubber takes place by molding or foaming, and consists in the mixing of the components of the mixture, called formulation, and subsequent introduction of the same into a mold or a die from which the foam block will be extracted or extruded.


The main physical properties are: lightness, buoyancy, crush resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, resilience.

Thanks to these qualities, foam rubber is used for the production of mattresses, pillows and fillings.

Thanks to its experience in the production of rubber pads, Sagotec is able to shape foam rubber to produce cycling pads and protectors for trekking shoes.

foam rubber cycling pad

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